OFF HOOK is a new artist run project space for contemporary art and exhibitions. It’s located at the corner of a former chemistry laboratory in Groningen, the Netherlands.

OFF HOOK is founded by Dutch artist Lydia Wierenga, with the goal to invite artists to “do what they want”.

OFF HOOK will also present screen-prints in limited editions and “a little something on the side”.


Opening hours: Fri 11.00 -17.00 hrs. And by appointment.

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In 2019, Lydia Wierenga painted black A4 murals around a corner in people’s homes throughout the Netherlands. In 2020 she continued her black murals project. Especially through Instagram, she invited artists all over the world to paint her mural in or on a corner in their own home. Only now A6 size; the size of a traditional postcard. All these murals and artists were presented on social media and, at the end of the year, in a book. A logical next step was to start a physical art space: OFF HOOK.