Erris Huigens: 1

Sat 7 August - Sat 2 October 2021

OFF HOOK will open its doors for the first time with an exhibition by Erris Huigens.
Opening: Friday 6 August 2021, 17.00 pm.

Erris Huigens (Deconstructie) lives and works in Wageningen (NL) and is known for his monochrome abstract works and his fascination with industrial structures.

Huigens’ work regularly leaves the studio and can also be found on the the abandoned industrial sites of the province of Groningen. In this region, which is suffering from earthquakes, his geometric shapes symbolize the government’s greed for gas and seem to be the perfect intervention in an imperfect world. In addition, you will also come across his work on record sleeves of labels like Delsin and Metalheadz.

The recurring line is used as a “tag” in graffiti and shows an association with the artist’s roots in this subculture. The line traverses, marks and connects and is arguably the shortest connection between two points. For this solo show of Erris Huigens, the space of OFF HOOK is leading and especially for this occasion, a limited-edition silkscreen print will be available.

Lydia Wierenga will present her new book during the opening: A6 murals worldwide. For a year, she invited artists around the world to paint a black mural in their own home. In or on a corner and in A6 format: the size of a postcard.

  7 August 2021 - 2 October 2021
  standard opening hours