Sat 26 March 2022

OFF HOOK is happy to announce: MY MIND IS A BEAUTIFUL PLACE, a performance by Klaske Oenema.

In the light of an old school overhead projector, Klaske Oenema shows the process of how we give meaning to our lives and how meaning dissolves. She uses everyday material that everyone knows: the wrapping around a bunch of flowers, old envelopes, paper, tape… and brings them to life.

In performances and videos, Klaske manipulates the shadows created from these materials and combines them with texts, recited or sung. Currently, she often works with Martine Rademakers, Janke Brands and Welmoed Wijma to assist her performance live with music.

Klaske Oenema lives and works in Amsterdam but has lived in Groningen for almost 20 years. She has shown her work in various places and on various stages, such as Lowlands, Art festival Watou, Noorderzon Festival and Centraal Museum Utrecht. But also in peoples kitchens. More recently she has been developing photoprints of her shadow works, named Permanent Projections. A selection of these works can be seen at Off Hook during her performance and the week after, on Thursday March 31 and Friday April 1 (12.00 -17.00 hrs.)

Hope to see you at Off Hook!

Tickets (at the door): € 5,-
Doors open at 19.30 hrs.

(This performance is made possible by Kunstraad Groningen)

  26 March 2022
  start: 20:00 uur